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Hair Transplant Turkey



Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair transplantation is a procedure that should be done under control of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Even though hair transplantation procedure is performed under local anesthesia, doctor’s checkups and planning for operation is absolutely necessary.

Hair Transplant Methods

Hair Transplant is the process of transferring Hair follicles. To accomplish that, there are 02 main methods in the world.

* FUE method: in which Hair follicles are taken one by one from Donor Area.

* FUT Method: where a Skin stripe is taken out from Donor Area and hair follicles are separated one by one under a Microscope to prepare them for implanting. FUT method is the oldest known hair transplant method, while FUE method has been in practice since 2003. Comparing to FUT, The most important advantage of FUE method is that it leaves no scar after operation and much higher number of Hair grafts can be extracted.

How hair transplantation procedure is processed?

Hair transplantation process primarily utilize Hair Follicles in the donor area between both ears. Hair follicles in this area are the most resistant to hormonal hair loss and hair loss related diseases.

01st Stage:

At the first stage of operation, local anesthesia is applied on the area where hair follicles will be extracted. In the process of transplanting under local anesthesia, the patient remains awake during the operation, can read Newspaper/Book, Eat, Watch TV, and he /she does not feel any pain.

02nd stage:

After numbing the Donor Area, specially-developed Micromotors of Hair Transplant are used to take out Hair follicles one by one. They are kept in special petri box prepared with various solutions and hair growth medicines in order for them to sustain life.

03rd stage:

It is the most important stage of hair transplant process. First of all, an appropriate Front hairline to person’s face structure and age is determined. Then channels in implanting areas are opened. Direction and frequency of the channels are one of the top factors affecting transplant success. Channels should be opened in the same direction of patient’s natural hair. Likewise, the channels should be opened in a way equal to the natural hair frequency of the patient.

04th stage:

The hair follicles which being kept in the special box are implanted one by one and then hair transplant process is completed.

Hair transplant is a very comfortable process. The patient can go home or hotel right after operation.

After Hair Transplant, all the required medicines that the patient will use are given to him. As long as you use these medications and following the instructions given to you, it is not possible to get with any kind of pain, swelling or infection.

Hair washing procedure is shown practically on the 2nd and 3rd day after the operation. What is important here is that in the 10th day onwards there shouldn’t be any crusts or scabs in the implanted area of the patient.

New transplanted hair starts to fall down in the 02nd weeks after the operation. Depending on the structure of patient’s tissue, there may be a hair loss of 40-70%. This hair loss shall continue up to 06 weeks. After the 04th month, Natural new hair starts to grow up. The average of hair growing up in the 06th month is 60% while in the 08th month is 80%. New hair growing up continues up to 1st year.

Things to know about hair Transplant:

  • Up to 6,000 grafts can be transplanted by FUE method. What Important here is the capacity of the donor area and size of implanting area; to be planned for this correctly, a doctor should be consulted absolutely.
  • Although it is important how many hair follicles are implanted in hair transplantation, the quality of implanted grafts is important as well. Each graft may has 1 to 4 hairs. If your grafts are of a good quality, it is possible with a 3,000 Grafts transplant to obtain more natural and better results than 5,000 grafts in other cases.
  • Although hair loss is genetically frequent in males, hair loss can be treated in women who have hair loss problems as well.
  • Apart from back area of the head in Hair Transplant “Donor area”, Chest hair can be used in Transplant.
  • There won’t be any hair thinning after the operation if it’s performed under control of an expert doctor.
  • In the process of hair transplantation, the strongest hair follicles in our body is found in the donor area back of the head.

What are the affecting factors for successful transplant?

  • Hair transplantation’s success rate is 50% of a doctor and the other 50% of your practice. Be sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations after hair Transplant.
  • Supportive medications and treatments that you use after hair transplantation help you get better results and make your current hair healthier.
  • Patient’s age, the size of the area to be implanted, the capacity of the donor area and hair follicles quality influence the success of hair transplantation.
  • The most important thing in hair transplantation is to choose the right clinic.

Hair Transplantation
Price range
Recovery period
10-30 days
Recommended patients
18-65 yrs old

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Copyright by TravelMedi 2009 – 2019. All rights reserved.