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Fue Method



Fue Method

Hair Follicles are extracted from the Donner area in back of the head, between ears. The main hair loss reason is due to hormonal factor, or other reason, where back area of the head ( Donor Area ) is protected from the Genetic factors and the most trusted place for Follicular Extraction.

The first stage starts by applying local anesthesia over the extraction area. During the operation, the patient keeps conscious where he/she can watch TV, eat or read newspaper without any pain.

The second stage, special developed device is used for follicular unit extraction. Grafts are taken individually. Extracted Follicles shall be placed in sterile Petri dish. In the time during Follicles extraction and implanting, Follicles are reserved in a box containing a lot of supporting substances which help growing up. In this operation we are using PRP injection, plasma, supporting substances and Steroids rich which are very useful for Follicles.

Third stage, cannels are prepared for transplantation. Number of channels and Directions are the most important factors determining success in hair transplantation operation. The small opened cannels helping Follicular grafts for the best fit in the scalp. The direction of transplantation prepared cannels should be in parallel with the natural hair cannels. Improper grafts repetitions and positioning leads to having unnatural look. We carefully do this operation in our hospital to get the requested natural look. Cannels are being opened after reviewing old photos for the patient and according to his/her skin structure. At this stage, there is an important step which is forehead hairline drawing. The success of hair transplantation operation can be determined by the correct forehead hairline drawing, because the unplanned forehead hairline drawing leaves physical and psychological negative results on the patient, apart from having another correction operation. The forehead hairline must be in accordance with face look and its properties. In addition, hair implanting way shall be determined according to the natural look of the hair. And we do this in our hospital depending on Scientific and aesthetic criteria.

After Hair Transplantation operation

After the operation, transplanted area must not be covered with anything. Bandage is removed one day after of the operation. There is no scars after this operation.

We proscribe the needed medicines and using instructions for the Donor area to get better. The patient can go home immediately after the operation. hair Washing must not be done before 24 hours at least and the first washing will be on our hospital. After 03/04 weeks of operation, transplanted hair starts falling. Over time, new hair starts growing up gradually again, this period is between 03 / 06 months. Full operation results is reached by the 9th month.

Hair Transplantation
Price range
Recovery period
10-30 days
Recommended patients
18-65 yrs old

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Copyright by TravelMedi 2009 – 2019. All rights reserved.