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Forehead Hairline Drawing



Forehead Hairline Drawing

Forehead Hairline Drawing, The most important stage of hair transplantation operation is forehead hairline drawing. Successful forehead hairline drawing leads to best results, but if it is designed wrongly, it may leads to lifelong negative results.

The following is our criteria in forehead hairline drawing

1- We request a photo for the patient before baldness, This help us in determining the natural forehead hairline.

2- The middle forehead hairline point. This point does not appear at the most of patients and it can’t be seen in the advanced stages of baldness. The distance between this point and the middle point of eyebrows around 6-10 cm.

3- The beginning and ending points of forehead muscles change forehead hairline according to their age by 01 cm.

4- Front forehead hairline is drew depending on the middle point of the eyebrows.

5- The front area must have high density and natural characteristics

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Copyright by TravelMedi 2009 – 2019. All rights reserved.