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Hair Transplantation Information Video’s

What is hair transplantation process? Which technique does it use?

Can Hair Transplantation be performed on Women

What are the recommendations to achieve a successful result after Hair Transplantation?

What is FUE method? What are the advantages in comparable with the FUT method?

Would the hair be thinning in back area of head after Hair Transplantation?

How many graft can be transplanted 1

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How many days we should do washing procedure after the operations ?

What should I consider before the operation?

What should be done in order to determine hair direction?

What is MesoPRP?

When can I go back to my social life after hair transplantation?

What is FUT method in Hair Transplant?

What are the supportive medicines and treatments after hair transplantation?

What are the factors influencing a successful hair transplantation?

Can it be processed at any age or any season?

When we can do first washing?

How is hair transplantation made?

Is it possible to transplant eyebrows beard?

By FUE technique, how much the maximum sessions can be made for 01 patient?

Where the hair can be extracted apart from back area of head?

How should front hair-line be set?

Could grafts be lost after hair transplantation? Does transplanted hair fall off?

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Copyright by TravelMedi 2009 – 2019. All rights reserved.