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Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant



Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant

Sapphire has been used since 800 BC is a very valuable commodity. Sapphire is the hardest mineral after the diamond. In the hair transplantation process, metal elites are used while opening the canals where the hair roots will be placed. Tips developed using the sapphire mineral that are used in hair transplantation is the latest innovation in the FUE method.

It is designed for minimal level of crusting and accelerate the healing process when canals to place grafts are openedd like small micro canals.

By Sapphire tip in FUE hair transplantation, by micro motor under local anesthesia, diameters 0,6 – 0,7 – 0,8 mm in relation to the differences of hair follicles, using micro-inserts grafts are taken individually from the donor area.

Collected roots are placed in canals that are opened in FUE method.

These canals greatly affect the appearance of the hair and directly determine the hair’s angle, direction and frequency. Therefore, the opening phase of the chanals is the most important stage in the success of a hair transplant operation.

Hair roots are transplantated in these canals. 1.0-1.3 to 1.5 mm of small canals opened with sharp, smooth and durable sapphire inserts, has to have hair root size, increase the number of drop channels and allows hair follicles to be planted closer together.

What is the advantages of Hair Transplant with Sapphire FUE ?

* Due to the physical properties such as smooth surface, anti-bacterial properties, hardness, sharpness and durability, there will be much less vibration when using the sapphire tip during the canal’s opening process, so that both the risk of trauma and tissue damage are kept to a

* Since the level of edema seen after the application will be lower, it will be more comfortable for the patients in every sense after the operation.

* According to the metal slit, less subcutaneous fluid is injected by opening the canal.

* Since hair roots are puted into the canals of their size at the most natural angle, there is no possibility that the roots will dislodge and the angle settings will change.

* Due to the small opening of the canals for transplantation, thepost-operative tissue healing is faster than the metal slit, and most importantly, it is a smooth bonding on the skin.

* FUE made with sapphire tip can be used more often. This allows to obtain the hair density to be more natural.

FUE hair transplantation method, which has been applied since 2004, is a worldwide accepted hair transplantation technique. In addition to its successful results, it is known as a technique that offers comfort and excellence.

Hair Transplantation
Price range
$1800 $2390
Recovery period
10-30 days
Recommended patients
18-65 yrs old

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Copyright by TravelMedi 2009 – 2019. All rights reserved.