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MesoPRP, There are a lot of reasons for hair loss. The most common one is caused by genetic factors. The genetic factor called Androgenetic Alopecia. By Androgenetic Alopecia, The male hair loss starts in the front or top of the head and expands over the baldness areas.

While the women Hair loss starts by the top of the head areas, loosing density, and hair thinning. Apart from genetic factors, a lot of reasons can cause hair loosing. Those are more peripheral reasons like: stress, seasonal changes, vitamin deficiencies, taking some medications, eating disorder …ETC

At Androgenetic Alopecia There are some stages for baldness according to the severity of the hair loss. At the first stage, it starts by a light hair loss and the complete hair loss will be reached by the 6th stage. If you are suffering from hair loss and when the medication is not so successful, regardless at which stage you are, the best treatment method is Hair Transplantation.

According to the stage of the baldness, one session or few sessions will be determined. It’s really important after the hair transplantation operation to strengthen the grafts. For that reason PRP session is applied immediately after the operation.

The PRP processed by taking out a little of the patient’s blood and centrifuged to separate plazma cells aside, and to the platelets of plazma a growth factors will be added. After the Hair Transplantation operation, hair washing session to be held few days later. After this process, 01 session of MesoPRP to be held at which the newly transplanted grafts get the maximum level of support and adherence. MesoPRP is the very special treatment protocol. Asking why this treatment is very special!! Actually, Because It differs from one patient to another. In the beginning of this treatment, hair grafts shall be examined by dermatologist.

Before the treatment, our Dermatologist doctor Ms. I. Oyku Celen examine patient’s grafts. By the Dermatoscopic evaluation the grafts and scalp will be examined by 100 times magnification. In order for grafts and the scalp to be able to hold each others firmly, for each patient a special supportive medicine will be prepared.

This solution treatment will be enhanced by a special combination with plasma of the patient’s blood. This enhancing solution is given through injection. The Adherence rates of the grafts supported by MesoPRP will increase blood circulation in the scalp area and will increase the quality of the transplanted grafts. Thus, the successful rate for Hair Transplantation operation will be substantially increasing.

Advantages of MesoPRP:

– It must be performed by a dermatologist doctor

– To be done after few days of rest for the grafts following the Hair Transplantation Operation,

– To be prepared after few days of the Hair Transplantaion Operation according to the dermascopic examination to the quality of the grafts and according to the needs.

– To be formulated entirely according the patient.

– By PRP treatment supporting stem cell injection therapy

– It will support to success rate of the hair transplantation dramaticly.

Hair Transplantation
Price range
Recovery period
1-3 days
Recommended patients
18-65 yrs old

Copyright by TravelMedi 2009 – 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by TravelMedi 2009 – 2019. All rights reserved.